Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Helping You Overcome Life’s Difficulties

Have you found that you have lost your spark? Perhaps life just isn't taking you to the place you hoped you would be? Pressures can take over and you may have found yourself worrying about how you got to where you are today.

Events in your life may have left you disheartened. Maybe you have lost somebody or have experienced a breakdown of your relationship. Maybe you have found yourself in a job that is taking more of your confidence than it is giving you. Maybe you are just not happy with how you view yourself.

Within psychotherapeutic counselling, I can help you explore your wants and needs and where your difficulties lie. As everybody is individual, I tailor the therapy to suit each person.

I am an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor offering a range of mediums for you to explore your inner world, including the use of paint, clay, sand, physio putty, story, song/music and dream work. You can be as creative as you want, or for those who prefer the more straightforward approach, we can stay with simply talking through your feelings.

I have counselled those from many walks of life, ages and cultural backgrounds. It is never too early or too late to look into how to live more closely to your hopes and dreams.

About Ruby Aujla


My name is Ruby Aujla. I am a  fully qualified Psychotherapist. I have trained at the Northern Guild of Psychotherapy.

My Areas of Experience

I have great experience working with clients who are extremely shy, nervous and anxious. I am able to offer home sessions for those who experience great social anxiety or agoraphobia.

I worked with those who experience speech difficulties and those who have learning disabilities. In addition, I have a wealth of experience working with clients with mental health difficulties.

I have also worked with clients throughout varying NHS services and community rehabilitation services offering emotional support to those with bipolar disorder, severe depression, extreme social anxiety, very low self-esteem, feelings of being persecuted, hearing voices, borderline personality and suicidal ideation.

Additionally, I have experience counselling those with eating disorders, those who are anorexic, bulimic and with those who struggle with emotional eating and body image issues. I have also worked within NHS northeast eating disorder services.

I am experienced within the area of addictions, working within NHS addiction services. I have counselled those who became addicted to drugs, those who misused medication and those addicted to alcohol.

In addition, I have experience working with clients who have been imprisoned and those who have struggled with the repercussions of being in within the care system themselves. I have counselled parents who are involved with social services.

I have also counselled those who have been victims of burglary and attack within the victim support services. I have experience counselling those who have suffered abuse and abusive relationships as well as clients who are suffering posttraumatic stress.

My Views

Just as our bodies experience pain and tension and require self-care, so do our emotions. Psychotherapeutic counselling can offer you a place to learn about yourself and how to live a life that is more true to your authentic self as well as a place to explore becoming who you could be.

I believe that psychotherapeutic counselling can be of benefit to everybody, as it offers a place to find your spark again!

My Prices

Initial introductory individual sessions are £30.00. Following sessions are £60.00.

Couples counselling introductory sessions are £35.00. Following sessions are £70.00.

Students receive a discount, the first 5 sessions are £45.00. Following sessions are £60.00.

We can discuss how many sessions you would like and whether you would prefer them weekly or fortnightly, looking at what is manageable for you within the introductory session.

I welcome you to contact me on my email, [email protected] .

Appointments can also be made through speaking with the admin team at the clearing on: 07514084909

I look forward to hearing from you.